Mission Statement

Together we can make learning fun


We aim to provide a caring community in which all individuals matter
and a place which involves children learning to live in the community
as a member of a social group. This obviously involves general
behaviour, moral teaching and a respect for property, which
encourages children to learn to think of others, to speak courteously
and politely to peers, parents, teachers and all other adults. Good
and polite manners are always emphasised as well as obedience to the
instructions and direction of home and school for the benefit of all.
N.B. Parents are expected to make children clearly aware of these
rules and to co-operate in their enforcement.
The school’s ethos is shaped by working towards care, consideration
and respect being shown between pupils, staff and the wider community.

The school operates an open approach where parents and children feel
at ease and share in the learning process. Throughout early years and

Key Stage 1 education children are encouraged to develop self- discipline.
They are also encouraged to reach their full potential and enjoy success.
In doing so they form a good positive self-image.
The social and emotional development of the child is regarded as highly
important in the early years as this helps the development of positive
attitudes to learning.
A copy of the Home School Agreement is included at the end of the prospectus.